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Recent Results by Joachim Siedel - Genealogy Consultant

Genealogy Spore:

After some three years of thorough investigation, I conclude that the Spore ancestry of the former Strasbourg/Duntzenheim Spoor family initially proposed here can be definitely ruled out due to fully contradictory Alsatian (Strasbourg/Duntzenheim) church book entries; copies/facsimiles of which are readily accessible in the internet – written in old German cursive throughout.

Furthermore, the "Hen(e)ricus Spor" of Forbach/Lorraine can also be omitted at high certainty for several reasons: (a), Apart from the fact that his person is not mentioned at all in a vast number of family pedigrees of the Spor family having lived in or near Forbach, Lorraine, nowadays France, and (b) even eliminated meanwhile from the LDS list of individuals, (c) even if nevertheless existing, having had no brothers or cousins with the first names of either Herman, or Johannes, respectively, the names and persons of which were recently found having been mentioned between 1750 and 1767 in Northern America – Pennsylvania – and in close connection to Heinrich Spohr/Henry Spor(e). Probably even as brothers.

The most likely place of origin of the Heinrich Spohr/Henry Spor in question - and of a brother Herman Spohr – was the village of Nieder-Saulheim in Rhine-Hesse, nowadays Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Dates of birth: Johann-)Heinrich Spohr, 6 Apr 1733, (Johann-)Hermann Spohr, 13 Sep 1736. Johannes Spohr, their older brother, was born in the nearby village of Essenheim, baptized there on 15 Jul 1726. Their parents were Johann Peter Spohr and his wife Anna Elisabetha née either Frantz-Hofer, or simply Hofer, respectively.

Joachim Siedel (Germany)

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