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Come explore Erfurt, Capital of the German Province of Thuringia, with help of a private tour guide. Enjoy the experience of beautiful, 1250 year old, mediaeval Erfurt, City of Luther, with its famous Cathedral, and its floral displays. Advice is available for planning your stay in Erfurt, and/or anywhere else in Thuringia.



Genealogical as well as other Research by Request, Sightseeing, Information, Meals, Accommodation,  Internet and more...

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Visit the historic site where
Dr. Martin Luther took his vows and became a monk, where he was ordained as a priest, and where he lived, first as a young man and then as a monk.

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Tour the beautiful
1250 Year Old City of Erfurt.

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See its Cathedral.

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Explore Erfurt's world-famous Merchants' Bridge (Krämerbrücke).

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Enjoy the famous paintings that adorn the walls inside Erfurt's Town Hall. 

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Smell its Flowers.

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"Conquer" Erfurt's Fortress.

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Stand before the Palace where the famous meeting between Goethe and Napoleon took place.

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Spend some time in the Merchants' Church (Kaufmannskirche), where over many years no less than 61 members of the illustrious Bach musical family were baptized.

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