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Fortress Gate

Petersberg Fortress Gate created by the Italian Sculptor and Master Builder Antonio Petrini

Emperors and kings resided in Erfurt. Emperor Rudolf lived in the Benedictine Monastery St. Peter and Paul on the Petersberg and from there ruled his empire. Princes and sovereigns from far and wide were frequent visitors to the monastery.

Unfortunately the Petersberg has lost its former glamour. This lively monastery of times past was destroyed by the Prussian attack in 1813, when Napoleon's troops defended the citadel, which was built in last third of the 17th century. Nowadays only the Romanesque main aisle gives evidence of the former magnificence of the monastic church, which none the less, is still well worth a visit. While there, one should not miss the splendid view over the medieval quarters of the town.

Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and Heinrich der Lwe met here, Heinrich der Lwe having supplicated on a bended knee. During the Congress of Princes and Sovereigns in 1808 Napoleon, the Russian Tsar Alexander I and many other Kings, Princes, and Dukes stayed in Erfurt.

text and picture: Small Erfurt-Guide, folder by Hannelore Reichenbach

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