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Woad Mill

Medieval Woad Mill at Cyriaksburg Castle

In the Middle Ages the town was one of the largest in Germany, much larger than Leipzig. Trade (staple market), manufacture and marketing of Woad (Isatis tinctoria) made Erfurt a rich town. The Woad plant, which was used for producing blue pigment, was desired throughout Europe. It was grown in rural districts around Erfurt and because of the mild climate there was usually an abundant harvest. A Woad mill can be visited in the area of the Cyriaksburg (now "EGA"). The Woad Junkers (Waid-Junker) took care of the marketing of the woad on the Waidanger (Woad Anger), nowadays the "Anger".

text and picture: Small Erfurt-Guide, folder by Hannelore Reichenbach

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