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Much can be said about the history of Erfurt, which can be traced back to Bonifatius, the oak feller. The first documented mention of the city in 742AD refers to the foundation of a diocese, which was administered by Myence (Mainz).

The old commercial center and fairground, Erfurt, was already attracting many visitors as far back as the 10th century. Several small settlements possibly grew together into a town, situated at the junction of two trade routes (the Royal Road from Paris to Kiev and the North-South Highway from the Baltic Sea to the foothills of the Alps). The original settlements were located around the bend in the river Gera, with the slopes of the Petersberg on one side and the Kaufmannskirche (the Merchants' Church) on the other. Fords across the river provided ready communication between the two sides. To the north of the Krämerbrücke (the Merchants' Bridge) one such ford is still visible and accessible to visitors.

The name "ERFURT" has its origin these fords (Erpfesfurt, Erfpsfurt, die Furt der Erfa).

text: Small Erfurt-Guide, folder by Hannelore Reichenbach

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