Erfurt Cathedral St. Mary

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Dom und Severikirche

Erfurt's Landmark
 - Cathedral and Severi Church -

Erfurt Cathedral is the most beautiful Church in the City and it is unique in Germany. St. Mary's Cathedral was and is Thuringia's main Catholic Church. After World War II, it attracted many Pilgrims and after Germany's reunification, it became Diocesan Church of the Erfurt Bishopric.

Calendar of Cathedral history(*)

  • 742 St. Boniface asks Pope Zachary to recognize the bishoprics of Würzburg, Büraberg (later Fritzlar) and Erfurt, and the Church of St. Mary acquires diocesan status

  • 752 Bishop Boniface has a minster constructed on today's cathedral hill 1153 Collapse of this "major ecclesia", whose size and appearance remain a mystery

  • 1154 Work begins on a romanesque basilica on the cathedral hill

  • 1170 This new church is ready for use

  • 1182 The church is consecrated on 20 June

  • 1201 Southern tower completed

  • 1237 Northern tower completed

  • 1253 The consecration, which so many sources mention for this year, can only have applied to alterations, possibly a chancel extension or a vault

  • 1290 Consecration of the first chancel extension east to the Romanesque sanctuary
    pre-1307 Central tower completed

  • by 1329 Cavata constucted to support the high chancel

  • 1329-1337 Roof raised over transept and western end of the Romanesque chancel

  • approx. 1330 Portal triangle added north of the northern transept

  • 1349 Foundation stone laid for today's high chancel

  • 1353 Consecration of crypt benath high cancel

  • 1370/72 Consecration of high chancel by Bishop Friedrich Rudolf of Stollberg

  • 1455 The western limb of the Romanesque basilica is demolished and the work begins on the Late-Gothic hall-type nave

  • 1465 The new nave is ready for use

  • 1697-1707 The Baroque high alter is made and installed

  • 1828 A big restoration and alteration project begins

  • 1868 The Late Gothic nave roof is rebuilt

  • 1968 The Neo-Gothic roof is removed and replaced by a new roof in Late Gothic style

  • 1979 Work begins on renovating the masonry and preserving the medieval stained glass in the high chancel

(*) Dr. H. H. Forberg, Dr. Günther Lucke, Der Dom zu Erfurt, Schnell, Kunstführer Nr. 1887 (von 1981),
4. Auflage1996, Verlag Schnell & Steiner GmbH Regensburg - Publishing in this internet site with courteous permission of the authors and the publishing company


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